An Odd Couple

Recently my wife and I decided it was time to remodel portions of our home. Kitchen, deck, the “man cave,” and an art studio for her. By the way, what do you call the wife’s version of the husband’s “man… Read More ›

Great American Melting Pot is Bland

With Independence Day being celebrated in the U.S. this week I have been reading the customary “What makes America great?” articles in the newspapers. One article in particular caught my eye as it discussed favorite American foods (“American” meaning only… Read More ›

Send In The Crowd

For the past few weeks I have been watching the World Cup with interest. What I enjoy the most isn’t so much the competition between two teams but rather the camera shots of the crowd. The fans in attendance appear… Read More ›

Leaving The Island

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.. MEDITATION XVII Devotions upon Emergent Occasions John Donne No one is an island unto them self. No matter how alone… Read More ›

The Choice of Voting

As my wife and I walked through the empty hallway of the elementary school where our district votes, I listened to the sound of our footsteps echoing in the quiet stillness, thinking back to a different time. In the 2008… Read More ›