A Positive Approach

Now that grad school is finished I have turned my focus toward the resume. With the exception of my practicum and internship hours, most of my work experience has been in the military and not directly related to the human… Read More ›


Graduation day has finally arrived. What took years to achieve has already begun fading into the memory of, “It doesn’t seem that long ago…” I began my college education later in life than most and the years between high school… Read More ›

Setting Intention

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging over the Winter, spending time in (mostly) quiet reflection. Time was something I had a great deal of since my internship was also on hiatus due to the changing of semesters…. Read More ›

Just a Second

This weekend I attended a complementary and alternative modalities course where one exercise was identifying and/or developing intuition. The exercise consisted of folding a piece of paper in a manner which a question can be written inside, unseen by casual… Read More ›

The Value of a Different Perspective

When I entered school for counseling, I heard repeatedly about supervision. Supervision during practice sessions with fellow students, supervision during practicum and internship, and supervision after graduation for licensure. Quite a bit of supervision. When you consider the training is… Read More ›

A Place for Stuff

In this classic skit George Carlin addresses how finding a place for one’s stuff can be a chore. One of the great things about Carlin was that he found humor in the mundane, ordinary world of humanity. The audience, through… Read More ›