Graduation day has finally arrived. What took years to achieve has already begun fading into the memory of, “It doesn’t seem that long ago…” I began my college education later in life than most and the years between high school… Read More ›

Filling the Gaps

In my limited-yet-growing experience of working with clients in a therapeutic setting, I find myself in the stage of trying different techniques and interventions from various theoretical orientations. While I do have a desire to work within a specific theory,… Read More ›

Creating Space for Change

In an earlier post I discussed holding space for a person to work out their thoughts and feelings about issues in their life that need change. This type of space is intangible, consisting solely of the energetic bond between counselor… Read More ›

The Value of a Different Perspective

When I entered school for counseling, I heard repeatedly about supervision. Supervision during practice sessions with fellow students, supervision during practicum and internship, and supervision after graduation for licensure. Quite a bit of supervision. When you consider the training is… Read More ›

Holding Space

One of the many great things about being in the counseling field is having the continuous opportunity to develop a relationship with a fellow human being. A relationship that is unique in that the environment created between two people is… Read More ›