An Odd Couple

Recently my wife and I decided it was time to remodel portions of our home. Kitchen, deck, the “man cave,” and an art studio for her. By the way, what do you call the wife’s version of the husband’s “man… Read More ›

Equality in Language

With the Olympics in full swing I have found myself watching a lot more television lately. Other than recalling why I do not like network television, I have been picking up on a few disturbing trends during the Olympic coverage…. Read More ›


In my day-to-day interactions with people I find a variety of ways in which we communicate with each other. I believe personality traits influence how we convey our thoughts and wishes to others in our interpersonal relationships. Sometimes I find… Read More ›

Online Therapy?

There has been a lot of discussion within the counseling community (at least the circles I hang out in) about online therapy. Some like it, others don’t. I have listened to discussions from both views and both sides make compelling… Read More ›

Just a Little Off the Top

I read somewhere that hairstylists are the most active non-professional counselors out there (with bartenders coming in a close second). It makes sense when you think about it. Most people have one regular stylist they see every few weeks and… Read More ›

Well, That Was Awkward

A while back I wrote about first impressions, specifically non-verbal first impressions. In that post I tackled visual first impressions. Today I want to address another non-verbal first impression – the handshake. Handshakes can be a great form of¬†greeting another… Read More ›

Complimenting Resistance

Most people I know like to receive compliments. Whether they are being complimented on how nice they look, how well they complete a task, or simply for having a beaming personality. There is something special about being acknowledged for an… Read More ›