Month: October 2013

Just a Second

This weekend I attended a complementary and alternative modalities course where one exercise was identifying and/or developing intuition. The exercise consisted of folding a piece of paper in a manner which a question can be written inside, unseen by casual… Read More ›

The Value of a Different Perspective

When I entered school for counseling, I heard repeatedly about supervision. Supervision during practice sessions with fellow students, supervision during practicum and internship, and supervision after graduation for licensure. Quite a bit of supervision. When you consider the training is… Read More ›

Sometimes Ignorance Is Bliss

Considering the fact that stress is an everyday part of life, being able to identify signs of unhealthy stress is part of a solid wellness regimen.¬†Stress affects both psychological and physiological functioning, including immune system functioning. People who are able… Read More ›