Month: July 2013

[Review] Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions : A tool that helps you make decisions, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and more. Petra Martin, Kris Wiltse (Illustrator), 2001. 113 pages in booklet, 60 emotion cards, 12 instruction cards. New Leaf Distributors. ISBN 978-0970164018. One of my fellow… Read More ›

Ground and Release

Sitting with another human and being open to all of their emotions – from pure joy to intense terror – is one of the most spiritual things one person can do for another. One of the side effects of working in… Read More ›

Role Reversal

Learning to become a counselor involves a tremendous amount of reading, writing, and test taking. It also includes much more self-reflection than I expected. Once you have acquired the knowledge through the academic courses, it is time to put those… Read More ›