Month: May 2013


Self-care is one of the most important parts of being in the healing profession. I feel this is particularly true of anyone in the counseling field. Burn out can lead to compassion fatigue and lack of empathy resulting in ineffective… Read More ›

A Few Days In…

I have been at my practicum/internship site for a few days and thusfar my impression is really positive. Orientation revealed a few surprises and confirmed many of my expectations. I like the word “surprises” in this case because a surprise… Read More ›


In just a few short days the summer session of my counseling program kicks off and I will begin my practicum and internship. I am extremely fortunate I was selected for the only position I interviewed and did not have to… Read More ›

A Glitch in the System

One of the rarely spoken rules of living in a Western society deals with human traffic. Humans have a system of moving themselves in great numbers from one place to another,  either with or against the flow of traffic. You… Read More ›