Month: April 2013

Stigma Awareness Month

April is rapidly passing and Counseling Awareness Month is coming to a close. I have spent some time thinking about the American Counseling Association‘s project and wanted to share a brief thought. Although I didn’t realize it at the time,… Read More ›

On Gun Control

It never ceases to amaze me that one of the first questions I’m asked when people discover I spent 144 days hiking the Appalachian Trail is if I carried a firearm with me. My answer is always the same, “No.”… Read More ›

Rock’em-Sock’em Robots

There is something enjoyable about watching Syfy’s Robot Combat League. Maybe it is the fact the show’s premise reminds me of a popular toy from my childhood, Mattel’s  Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots. Yeah, I had one of these as a… Read More ›

A New Arrival

I finally broke down and sold the Jeep. It was with mixed emotions I watched as my Jeep was driven away, no longer my Jeep. I can say I sold it at the right time because I have the ability… Read More ›

Counseling Awareness Month

April is Counseling Awareness Month – a month designed to advocate the removal of the stigma associated with getting help and to create awareness of how counseling can help to change people’s lives. Counseling has already changed my life, simply by… Read More ›