Month: March 2013

ACA Annual Conference 2013

Here I am at the American Counseling Association annual conference and exposition in Cincinnati, Ohio. Counselors from around the country (and a few from other countries) are gathered together in mass numbers to meet, share, learn, and grow. As a counseling student,… Read More ›

[Review] Psychology of the Future

Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research. Stanislav Grof, 2000. 345 pages. State University of New York Press. ISBN 0-7914-4622-0. I have noticed that authors who are very prolific in writing on one subject tend to repeat themselves. Stan… Read More ›

Snapshot in Time

Sitting in the conference room with nine other petitioners interviewing for internship positions, I realized I was the only male in the group. In that moment of realization, I felt a strange kind of kinship with everyone else who has… Read More ›

Dressing Impressions

It wasn’t until recently I realized I was completely out of touch with modern men’s fashion. I have always been slightly off the mark of the outer edges (to put it lightly) of what was considered fashionable but to be… Read More ›