Month: December 2012

Family Lessons

Learning lessons from family members can be a unique experience, especially when the lessons are indirect in nature. During the holidays when families gather together, learning opportunities have a tendency to pop up at the most unusual times. Sometimes the… Read More ›

Just a Little Off the Top

I read somewhere that hairstylists are the most active non-professional counselors out there (with bartenders coming in a close second). It makes sense when you think about it. Most people have one regular stylist they see every few weeks and… Read More ›

Well, That Was Awkward

A while back I wrote about first impressions, specifically non-verbal first impressions. In that post I tackled visual first impressions. Today I want to address another non-verbal first impression – the handshake. Handshakes can be a great form of greeting another… Read More ›

Complimenting Resistance

Most people I know like to receive compliments. Whether they are being complimented on how nice they look, how well they complete a task, or simply for having a beaming personality. There is something special about being acknowledged for an… Read More ›